“Hi, my name is April Renee Lynch; I’m a new Certified Peer Support Specialist at Making Magic Happen—People Helping People, Inc. This place became my new home after I met and fell in love with Kathie Tunstall-Lanatti, MFT and Julia Prentice, CPS. Both these trained peers must have liked me, too, because here I am today. – April, 2/2019

“Making Magic Happen-People Helping People Inc. is awesome. I think it’s great that they help people. They have so many services available to the community. I come to have peer support and people to talk to while my kids are in school”. – Jackie, 2018

“My name is Carol. I like MMH because I’m a peer board member there. I learned to do the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) there. You learn all sorts of important skills in this book. There are two of these books, one for people with addictions. I also learned to do on-line banking which is very helpful to me. I also have learned how to use the computer and printer. It is also nice to come to MMH to get out and to talk to a peer person.” – Carol, 2018

“Making Magic Happen is exactly to its name, that is that they made a miracle happen in my life. The resources and support I was provided gave me hope, when I was in Rock Bottom. I was given the right tools and direction to be able to navigate the tough system for mental health, and substance addiction recovery. I felt that with the education I got from them it gave me a feeling of empowerment to accomplish all the goals I set for myself, self advocating in the situations I was in, and acquiring a personal responsibility in my own recovery and well being. When I am at MMH my voice is heard and I get the opportunity to help peers that may be going through the same struggles to feel they aren’t alone in their struggles to rehabilitate and gain stability in their life. It is great to know that there is a team of skilled professionals at MMH who create a solid foundation for individuals like myself to build on, without being destroyed. I’m excited to become part of the team and looking forward to paying it forward.” – Nino, 2019