Finding the Magic Within


My name is Kathie Tunstall Lanatti and I have been licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1992.  I have recently come into the private sector, after working for 22 years with the County of Sonoma Behavioral Health Division.

We all have our personal stories of triumphs and trauma.  These experiences, along with our biochemistry, make up our strengths and challenges of today. The inner wisdom that kept us safe as children continues to guide us to fulfill our hopes and dreams. 

The behaviors that we have used in the past are most likely badges of honor that kept us safe.  However, our lives may not require the same safety today, or these behaviors may not be getting the result we are wanting in our current lives.  I help people access their wisdom to discover and shed light on their own internal road maps in a safe environment. 

Today’s society is filled with struggles.  Sonoma County, in particular, is a difficult place to survive economically, especially due to the recent effects of the 2017 fires.  Social media can create many stresses, and our day-to-day lives often leave little time for us to care for ourselves. I believe everyone can change and attain their goals. I consider my role in your sacred process as a privilege and will offer skills that may help you achieve your hopes and dreams.

I believe that embracing our whole selves is essential in achieving our hopes.  I work diligently to embrace your ethnic diversity, your gender and sexual identity, your economic status, and your beliefs.  I acknowledge you have the power to create your lifestyle and the freedom to live your life as you choose. 

I believe that personal growth should not be based on economic privilege.  As with all Making Magic Happen programs, the ability to pay is not a factor for people to grow.  I do take some insurances, but more importantly, I work with you and your ability to pay for a service.  If you do not have the financial resources for counseling services, we welcome you! You will make an agreement with Making Magic Happen – People Helping People, Inc. for you to give back to  yourself and/or your community.  We believe that the power of giving back to yourself or your community is what MAGIC is all about.