Peer Support

Online Peer Support Group – through Recovering Your Magic – a program of Making Magic Happen – People Helping People

Individual Peer Support One-on-One available by appointment.

Julia Prentice is a Certified Peer Support Specialist with 14 years of experience working with persons with mental health issues to find balance and wellness in their lives.

Definition: a PEER is a person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and standing. In this situation, peers are people who share similar experiences with mental health challenges. The peer relationship is one of trust. It is a shared relationship based on mutual respect and voluntary participation. Each person is considered the expert on themselves. The focus is on wellness, and each peer living their best lives. Peer support groups allow peers to share their own challenges, get support from others and offer support back.

A PEER SUPPORT SPECIALIST is a person who has had experience with their own mental health issues, and has received training to support others. They become certified when they show the ability to share their own experiences in ways that assist others.